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Swimming Pool Rebar Repair:
Rebar Bleeds / Rebar Stains

A rebar stain in a swimming pool or spa is a serious issue.
Rusting rebar will continue to corrode within the pool structure until all corrosion is removed. Although the bleed through stain may be small in size, the corrosion beneath the plaster (in the gunite) is always larger in scale (see photos for examples).
Left untreated, rusted rebar will eventually rust the entire pool.

We have two methods to repair rebar stains:
1- Underwater (without draining the pool, using scuba gear and special tools), or
2- Dry (we drain the pool and expose the rust with chipping hammers)














Rebar stains occur in swimming pools and spas when the rebar is not properly encapsulated with Gunite (or Shotcrete). Lack of gunite coverage over rebar and/or poor workmanship work are common causes of rebar corrosion.
Click here for an excellent article by pool engineer Ron Lacher about gunite workmanship issues.

Customers frequently ask if resurfacing the pool will solve the problem. No, it will not.
If the pool is replastered without removing the corroding rebar, the stain will work its way through the new plaster causing a new stain on your new plaster. The corrosion must be removed!


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Click on a photo to read the captions:

swimming pool rebar stain
The classic swimming pool rebar stain-1
swimming pool rebar bleed1
The classic swimming pool rebar stain-2
swimming pool rebar bleed2
The classic rebar stain-3
swimming pool rebar stain2
Rebar stain on the wall under the cleaner line
pool rebar stain
Same rebar stain, with hand for perspective
pool rebar chipped
Same stain, corrosion exposed
pool rebar on step
Rebar stain on top of the love seat (also known as the Swim Out)
pool rebar on side of love seat
Rebar stain on side of love seat-1
rebar love seat
Rebar stain on side of love seat-2
rebar exposed on love seat
Rebar stain on side of love seat-3
Rebar stain on side of love seat- repaired, side view
patched love seat, rebar stain removed
Rebar stain on side of love seat, repaired
Rebar stain under perimeter tile-1
swimming pool rebar bleed3
Rebar stain under perimeter tile-2
swimming pool rebar bleed4
Rebar stain under perimeter tile-3
tahoe blue rebar stain
Rebar stain on Tahoe Blue plaster-1
tahoe bluse rebar bleed
Rebar stain on Tahoe Blue plaster-2
Highslide JS
Rebar stain on wall. Notice how the stain "drips" down the wall. Part of the gassing off process
table rebar stain
Rebar stain on side of bar stool bench
rebar stain photo underwater
Three stains next to our square. The rebar is rusting through in three areas. If all corroded rebar is not removed, this will occur throughout the pool
exposed rebar on pool wall
Rusted rebar exposed. Notice where the rebar is rusted and where it is "clean"





Highslide JS
The classic rebar stain. More photos below...




























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